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Core Values

Listed below are
Network Exchange Team (NExT) Core Values


5 Core Values of NExT
1. The Network Exchange Team is a group of professionals who possess the highest level of integrity and professionalism. We know that building relationships is key to doing business which is why we take the time to meet once a week.

2. Our focus is twofold: To increase business for each member through referrals and to help those less fortunate through volunteerism or donations. To maintain our supportive environment, conflicts of interest are disallowed and we strive to do business with one another whenever possible.

3. Our members avoid gossip, criticism, power plays, posturing, and cliquishness. Instead, we work hard to get to know each other and meet one on one to further build relationships.

4. We do our best to give warm and hot referrals. This means the referral contact is expecting our call. We take first generation referrals very seriously and only give them if we intend to do business with that person.

5. Our respect for one another is shown through honoring each member’s time, privacy, and areas of expertise. We are aware each meeting’s end time. We keep our personal commercial time to under 30 seconds and avoid last minute comments when the meeting is coming to a close.