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Posted by on Mar 1, 2013 in Hanover PA |

Hanover PA Rules Of Membership

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Network Exchange Team is to build relationships which, in turn, create networking and business referral opportunities resulting in business development as well as to help those less fortunate in our community through service work or donations. NExT is an organization of businesspersons dedicated to the ideals of improving their careers through the interchange of business activities and professional contacts. One member represents each occupational endeavor – the breadth of this endeavor listed on the member’s original application, and conflicts of interest are disallowed. The basic goal of NExT is to expand the business contacts of members through a system of referrals. NExT shall not be used in any way for political purposes, nor shall it, as an organization, actively participate in the political candidacy of any person, party, or cause.

The active membership of NExT shall consist of persons of good character and community standing, residing, or having other community or business interest within the area of NExT and have one vote. There shall be no inactive memberships. A membership is defined as a specific business or business category. One member per category (see category sheet), member applicants will be subject to membership vote in order to avoid conflict of category. A business or business category is defined as the typical line of work/products normally covered/sold within the scope of that type of business. All current and renewal applicants to NExT are required to list without omission all services their business provides. If an applicant’s business provides any services/products that cross over a current member’s category, that applicant must get permission to join the group by the current member and will be subject to a group vote. Businesses whose services expand or change over time must be aware that if their added services conflict the category of an existing member, they may be ineligible for renewal of their membership. Individuals who own more than one type of business must purchase memberships for each category they wish to represent. No one person may own more than two business categories.

Membership and Visitors

Visitors may attend NExT meetings as guests for up to two meetings. All guests and members are responsible for lunch expenses. An application to join must be completed and approved by the board and current members. Prospective members will not attend the meeting during which the entire group votes on their admission. Three (or ten percent rounded up, whichever is greater) “NO” votes will be considered sufficient to deny membership. The use of a “NO” vote in an attempt to keep a category open for another like business, or for any type of religious, racial, ethnic, sexual, or age bias is prohibited. Each business has only one vote, even if a business sends more than one business representative to group meetings. Occasional slight overlaps in categories may occur with member permission.

Members are required to abide by the commitment listed in this paragraph. Failure to abide by these commitments will constitute a review of the member by the board, possibly resulting in termination of membership. Have a fellow member satisfy my business or personal needs whenever possible. Arrive on time regularly and stay for the entire meeting. Display organization brochures and/or business cards at place of business where appropriate. Participate in the activities of NExT, including presenting qualified referrals to fellow members. Follow up on all referrals in a timely fashion. Provide satisfactory service, products, or work to all referrals. Remember that the regular meetings are for networking and building relationships. Comments regarding the rules of membership or comments regarding another member should be directed to the Membership Director.

Attendance is vital to the success of NExT If a member is unable to attend. Continued unexplained absences may render a member inactive. Members are required to attend 75% of all meetings per quarter. If a member does not meet the attendance requirement in any given quarter, he/she will no longer be eligible for membership.

The Board is authorized, as herein provided, to expel from membership any member for any of the following: Any conduct that brings the organization into public disrepute or violates the purpose for which NExT was formed. Any conduct that causes another member to come into public disrepute Any willful refusal to abide by the core values or rules of NExT. Conviction of a felony or crime.

Website Listing

New and renewing Members agree to pay oz 2 designs LLC $60.00/year for their website listing on upon joining the group or upon renewing their membership. A member may switch their category at any time during the membership year by going through the application process which is subject to vote. Once approved, said member agrees to submit a $30.00 website change fee to oz 2 designs LLC. Listings are given to oz 2 designs LLC in electronic format by the Abbottstown group’s board. Group members understand there is is a minimum charge of $30.00 for any changes they may want to make to their completed listing before their annual group membership renewal. Any and all changes must first be approved by the group’s board of directors. Upon losing group membership privileges, leaving the group, or non renewal, members can expect their board of directors to instruct oz 2 designs LLC remove their listing and any ads from

Meeting Structure

Meetings are scheduled for 1 hour. If a member fails to attend 75% of all meetings per quarter, said member may be ineligible for membership. The President will follow the official weekly meeting agenda and the Secretary will maintain a meeting attendance record. Members are expected to attend the entire 1 hour meeting.